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Bad credit apartments for rent are not necessarily bad. In fact, they should not be bad but decent as the tenants pay just as much rent as those with healthy credit reports. What we do as a bridging company is show landlords with decent apartments why you qualify for tenancy. Ordinarily, the landlords don’t have the time to listen to explanations and they find the credit report a convenient way of sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

Bad Credit Apartments for Rent

Bad Credit Apartments for Rent

However, it’s not all rosy for the landlords either. Sometimes their apartments remain vacant for long and that means loss of income; until they start wondering whether demand for rental housing is falling. But when a company like ours comes knocking and showing them a list of potential tenants worth of a chance, they wake up to the reality that not everyone with bad credit is actually a bad tenant.

Why we play cosigner to people seeking rental housing with bad credit

Why people looking for rental apartments with bad credit feel like we are their savior is that we volunteer to become their cosigner just so that the landlords can give them a chance. Getting someone to become your cosigner is sometimes a nightmare because people begin to think about the eventuality of you not paying your rent and what that means to them and their credit report; but not us. We take the risk for an insignificant fee and you get yourself approved for the home of your choice you can afford; regardless of your credit.

This is how you impress a landlord with bad credit

Speak confidently like someone who is seeing a bright future. Of course we shall have guided you in assembling the crucial documents that will put the landlord at ease. We are talking of your pay slip showing that you are proudly in gainful employment; most recent tax returns showing that you have nothing to hide; and probably even a ready check to pay two months’ rent upfront.

Past landlords are helpful when you want to rent with bad credit

We are not necessarily driving you back to their apartments, but past landlords come in handy particularly if you paid your rent well when you were their tenant. Ask them to write a report about you and while at it, make it clear that it is that part of being a good payer that you are interested in most. Such a favorable report from someone in the same industry goes a long way in giving confidence to the landlord who is about to accept your tenancy.