Why us?

​Simply because we know what we are doing and only charge a fee if we can get you the keys to your new home. We have been very successful with no complaints to date. With our knowledgeable staff, that can answer all your questions from the first point of contact, you will be pleased to know you are in good hands. Our Agents are trained to answer all your questions without hesitation that only comes from experience. Not one dis-satisfied customer to date. Just check for yourself!

How does this work?​

Easy. This is called a rental guarantee program. We guarantee the rents to the apartment, landlord or property management company. The persons or company checks our credit-worthiness, not yours. However, your name will be on the lease. Any rental property. Your choice. We have the credit & financials to get approved. 100% Guaranteed. Other companies claim to “co-sign”. The apartments & management companies will not accept that type of arrangement.

What kind of company gets approved at 99.9% of properties?

The kind of company we are. Excellent credit. Excellent financials. Excellent references from properties we do business with. The kind of company that has enough resources and cash reserves to always pay their bills, no matter what.

How long does it take to get approved by your company?

Your job is your credit. So, if you make $4,000/month gross (combined you and any applicants) the amount of the rent and can pass a criminal background you are approved instantly.

If I pay your for your services, do I still have to pay the property management company or apartment complex their fees?

Yes. Our fees are for our service only. That service is to get you approved for the rental of your choice. The application, administrative, holding fees or deposits due to the property are payable to the property directly and are not part of our fees.

Who do I pay rent to every month?

You pay the management company or apartment complex directly.

Do I pay ongoing fees every month?

No. Unlike many companies out there; we want you to succeed and not have extra expenses every month on top of your rent and other living expenses. You do not pay a cent for “maintenance fees” as some call it after you are approved.

Why do you charge an application fee?

Just so we know you’re serious about getting our help as we are about providing you help- and being committed to you in assisting you with your file, calling and confirming your choice of property’s rates, terms and negotiations, only a $50 application/ program enrollment fee to get started. Once you are ready for your move, a full fee for our service. We offer payment plans to help you if necessary.

Why is the application fee so much more affordable than other companies?

In short, we want you to help as many people as we can; and not charge high fees. We can charge more (it costs us more to process the application) but we know once you get settled in your new home, you will be more likely to tell your friends and family who need our help about our service. It’s long term thinking on our part, you win by having more cash for your family, we hopefully earn your long term referral business.

Can I get started today?

Absolutely. First see if you pre-qualify and submit your application, within 24hrs of submitting your application (usually within hours) our highly trained agents will contact you to get you moved in to your new home as soon as absolutely possible, or by your target move in date.