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You may find it difficult to find no credit check apartments in Dallas, Texas. Apartment renting guidelines in the Dallas area normally require a valid credit check upfront, and this can be an impediment for a lot of people moving into the city; however there are ways to get validated without having to compromise – so with a little assistance you may still be able to move into your dream apartment.

How do I get past the credit check?

Job ownership gives you plenty of leverage when presented with a rental application. The key is to have a partner working on your behalf to ensure proper representation and to guide you on the nitty-gritty of tenant-landlord relationships. New cities present a huge challenge and far too many people end

No Credit Check Apartments Dallas Texas

No Credit Check Apartments Dallas Texas

up scouring the internet for backstreet rental listings that waive the clause about tenant credit history, and this obviously narrows your search to a few dismal blocks of cheap rentals suited only for drifters and desperate movers. Anchor Your Assets offers just the service you need when shopping for rental apartments in Dallas, and we have helped thousands of people just like you move into premium apartments (dicey credit history notwithstanding). Our
clients face dozens of credit-related issues that stem from bankruptcy, foreclosure, loss of a job, divorce, etc., and our goal is to get them the best rental agreement possible under the circumstances.

Our Lease Guarantee is centered on a solid, long-standing relationship with property owners, property management companies, apartment complexes, and a good number of investors across the country. Anchor Your Assets will present you an extensive list of home options including contacts to property management companies and rental guaranty services that assume the role of guarantor to seal your rental agreement by backing up your application – therefore eliminating any doubt as to whether you will adhere to the lease.

We offer a straightforward service that empowers you when shopping for a rental apartment, allowing you to move into your preferred building, as opposed to settling for a third-rate flat that only serves to compound your living difficulties.

How does the no credit check apartment program in Dallas work?

It’s actually pretty simple; just contact us with relevant details (preferred residence, credit history, job description, etc.) and we’ll offer you a number of property options and direct you to a property manager or owner that can assist you. We have scores of vacant properties all waiting for someone to move in and the way to get in touch with the owners or managers is through a service just like our own.

Once you select a property that you feel is suitable for you, we’ll charge a small arbitrating fee and move you over to the other party to finalize the agreement. Our partners understand that credit history can suffer a major decline due to certain inexorable circumstances – and from our point of view, this shouldn’t permanently impede your efforts to find a decent place to live.

Provided you have a permanent job, there is always a chance of recovery; and a decent home offers a basic foundation for planning and implementing a financial plan that helps sort out existing obligations without any added stress.

What if I don’t like the no credit check property options listed in Dallas, TX?

The good news is we don’t charge you until you search and locate a rental property that you like; that way you get to save some cash. When you do find a house, we take a back seat and allow you to discuss the specifics with the owner or manager, and the fee is only applicable once your application is approved.

Anchor Your Assets is compensated by the third party through a partnership agreement that is based on them approving your rental application – the key factor being that you found them through us!

Why choose us?


Landlord-Tenant contracts in Dallas are fairly stringent even when you have a good credit history; but our goal is to connect you with the right people so that you have a fair chance of moving into your favorite house. We’ve helped clients navigate through everything including evictions and broken leases, and we’re sure to get you a property owner that will review your case objectively.

Professional Service

Our process employs a smooth and professional approach, leaving no room for random quotes and shady negotiations. All our partners are legitimate property owners and property management companies whose wish is to secure an infallible rental agreement with a dedicated individual.

Property Owners are Fully Insured

The main incentive for property owners is lease surety and this is provided by an established company that acts as the lease guarantor, therefore eliminating the strict credit requirements that come with an unsecured rental contract. Without the added risk, your application comes off as surefire and this is what affords you the lease.

Our clients are offered exclusive Dallas Texas no credit check rental properties without any hassle

The conditions imposed on conventional home ownership unwittingly push people towards renting, and naturally this leaves a large number of people desperately searching for a good place to call home. Save time and effort by having someone working on your behalf to find the perfect housing unit for you and your family, regardless of your credit history.

Co-signers are not always available especially for someone moving into a new city and younger tenants may not have any major assets to counterpoise their application. Anchor Your Assets will step in and improve your chances of getting a nice home and all without charging a dime. We let our clients focus on locating a vacant property and then proceed to connect them with the relevant authority so as to have their bid reviewed.

Can I get a luxury no credit check apartment in Dallas?

The starting point is basically anybody in the market for apartments with no credit check. If this describes you, then go ahead and contact us and we will direct you to the right owner or Management Company from a list of ratified partners. Don’t let your financial history get in the way: Anchor Your Assets is here to make sure that you move into a wonderful no credit check apartments in Dallas, Texas so that you can manage both your family and finances from a more ideal location.