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Qualifying for a VA Home Loan With Bad Credit

Although low credit score highly compromises your ability to earn a mortgage, you can still work some wise tricks out and qualify for a home loan.

Organizing your finances is the first step to take to getting VA home loans with bad credit.  Lenders require the three-digit numerical in order to grant you a credit card. Consequently, the card is vital for acquisition of mortgage. Fortunately, your banker and credit card company can issue you with this score at little or no cost depending on their economic position. However, you must not rely on credit score services online because most of them are run by fraudulent traders who might rob your banking data.

Then, you should start to work on reducing or eliminating most of your outstanding debts. Usually, tardy credit card payments and belated student loans negatively affect many people’s credit scores. This is attributed to the reality that 35% of your credit score is dependent on your payment history. Hence, you should strive to clear at least the minimum amounts of your credits if you are looking forward to (getting VA home loans with bad credit).


You must be willing and ready to pay a little more interest on the home loan. Often, bad-credits limit you to getting subprime mortgages, which come at an extra interest rate. It is important to note that this mechanism is great for compensating  the high mortgage default risk that lenders are subjected to.


Getting VA home loans with bad creditQualifying for a VA Home Loan requires that you try to improve on your income to debt ratio. It is essential for your debts to be lower than your income. This is the only assurance which bankers have that you can pay the loan if it is granted. With a better debt to income ratio, lenders will be attracted to you.

In order to enhance the ratio, you should clear revolving debts such as your credit cards. You might want to merge your credit card debts with your installment loans and modify the manner through which you clear your credit card loans. This is advantageous because individual installment loans have lower interest rates and they can all be cleared in a single bank. In modifying your credit card payments, you can request your card company to increase your credit. Nonetheless, you must learn to avoid using the excess credit.


Finally, you should work towards maintaining a steady income. Getting VA home loans with bad credit is simple when you can proof your ability to pay for all your current expenditures throughout. If you are self-employed, you should provide a steady annual salary for yourself. Bankers will analyze your two-year income before granting the loan. With these few tips, you should be able to get the home loan in due time.