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Let’s Get You Rent Apartment with Bad Credit

When we talk of getting you rent apartment with bad credit, we mean really good apartments. It’s not like you have all of a sudden become a pariah to be pushed to the shacks or to be left to look for abandoned houses for refuge. No. You are actually in a phase that many have gone through and survived, and some people have even emerged from the unpalatable situation to become prominent landlords and property owners. So you should bank on us to sort out the landlords and estate agents for you and do all the negotiating that someone in your situation dreads, until we get you decent shelter, that being your current headache.

Rent Apartment with Bad Credit

Rent Apartment with Bad Credit

What We Need From You so as to Get You Housing With Bad Credit

We need you to get us your full credit report and then fill us in on what exactly is happening in your life that has a correlation with your financial situation. Just like a doctor needs some input from you to be able to treat you satisfactorily, so do we need some input from you to be able to water down your adverse credit report. We also need to know what income bracket you are currently in because we want to hunt for a rental apartment that you will be able to cater for comfortably. We are always conscious of the journey ahead of you in reclaiming your credibility with the credit bureaus, and at no time shall we get you from the frying pan into the fire.

What Is A No-No For People We Get Rental Housing For?

First and foremost we can’t help you if you have a felony. Both our insurance policy and restrictions with apartment complexes prevents us from being able to. So please, ensure you have no criminal record as you come to us because we cannot help you with a report on that one. Of course, if you dented your image as a teenager and now you are an adult who knows better and you feel you have paid your dues, we may be able to speak to a few landlords on your behalf.

The kind of no credit report apartments we get you

Like we said, we always deliver on being able to help you rent a home with bad credit with homes that you will enjoy living in – because you select them! Sometimes we deal with property owned by individual landlords and some other times we deal with property managed by representative firms; the underlying factors being appropriateness and affordability.