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anchor_your_assets_new_yorkAnchor Your Assets Rental Guaranty has a deep passion to help people have a home they can call their own; not letting past challenges (we call life) get in the way of being able to get approved for a home they can afford. Our hands on approach to getting every client approved is a personal venture every time.

No other company takes the pride that we do in helping every client live in the home they dream of living in. Headquartered in New York, NY we understand the hustle and bustle required to make ends meet in our on-the-go life style. We just don’t allow that to get in the way of settling for a home that our clients do not want to live in only because they’ve had some set backs in their credit.

You can rest assured that you will know if we can help you from the start. If we cannot you wont waste time or money waiting to see if you will be approved for our program. We offer a 100% guarantee so if we cannot help you there is no risk in trying our program.

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