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VA Home Loans: The Silver Lining on Military Clouds

Getting VA home loans with bad credit ratings is nearly impossible unless you are in the army. It goes without saying that the Veteran’s Administration caters for the interests of a special group of people: the veterans. Now, just don’t start getting ideas. Veterans in this case, refer to military personnel who are no longer in active service but have done their fair share of service. Consequently, football, music or any other non-military veteran need not waste their time queuing at the Veteran’s Administration offices on a chilly Monday morning.


Unfair, you say? While military officers keep moving from place to place, as duty requires, you are warming your paunches beside a fire. It is not until late morning that you report to work. Some do not even need to bother physically reporting to work – they work remotely. A few others avail their The Silver Liningfreak selves at the workplace, only to unleash some orders before hurrying into leisure joints. The military have no such luxuries. They have a strict routine, and nothing like remote working. Well, you can’t fight terrorists in Afghanistan online, can you? For this reason, only the military can qualify getting VA home loans with bad credit status.


Got it? The nature of military activities hardly gives them time to create a positive credit score. Before you can say “Jack Robinson”, military officers are being hauled off into some desert in a remote end of the earth for drills. The next thing they know they are unceremoniously bundled into jeeps and jets and sent off to fight a war. Don’t you think they merit getting VA home loans with bad credit score? Well, yes, it would be very insensitive if it were otherwise.


Come on, my good civilian friend. Stop dreaming and get out of your comfort zone. You need to own a home, at least in this life. No VA home loans for you – and there is very little that human rights groups can do about it except making some calculated noise before going back to whatever it was that they were doing. Work on your financial status. Live within your means and ensure you have plenty left to support other ventures. Ensure you have a clean financial record: no defaults or embarrassments like bankruptcy. You need your own a home, don’t you? Work your limbs off! Or join the men and women in uniform. Or marry a military chief! Otherwise, the writing’s on the wall: no getting VA home loans with bad credit status.